1 hole kitchen mixer tap with pull out spray

1 hole kitchen mixer tap with pull out spray

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SYNC By Dornbracht


1 hole kitchen mixer tap with pull out spray


Sieger Design

Dornbracht's launch of the new Sync kitchen fitting coincides with the introduction of a new functionality: a pull-down fitting with a spray function.‎ Because the spout can be extended downwards, this new function increases the fitting's radius of action and makes daily tasks in the kitchen much easier to complete.‎ Sync's dynamic design language skillfully combines Dornbracht’s iconic high-quality aesthetics with first class functionality.‎ 
The spout of Dornbracht's new pull-down fitting has a significant advantage: it can be extended downwards, and has flexible pull-out hose that can be easily directed to wherever it is needed.‎ This offers the greatest possible freedom of movement in the kitchen’s wet working area.‎ A matt-black, heat-insulated grip intuitively guides the user's hand to a pull-out element that fits the shape of the hand perfectly.‎ Sync's 360-degree radius of rotation, of its tall spout and the wide projection, give additional room to manoeuvre.‎ 
Sync offers two flow modes that are geared to its intended use: a regular, clear, laminar flow and a powerful spray.‎ Dornbracht developed the spray in-house, in order to implement the slender and precise spout design that measures just 28mm in diameter.‎ Switching between laminar flow and spray flow is simple using the button located on the back of the black, pull-out element.‎ The long lever and ergonomic 90-degree opening angle make it easier to dispense the right amount of water.‎ 

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