1 hole kitchen mixer tap with swivel spout

1 hole kitchen mixer tap with swivel spout

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BKT 72 | Electronic kitchen mixer tap By Remer Rubinetterie




1 hole kitchen mixer tap with swivel spout

Product code
BKT 72


Using the TOUCH-ME technology, developed by Italian company S.‎T.‎S.‎R.‎-Technical Development and Research Department, electronics department
(www.‎stsr.‎it), Remer Rubinetterie introduces a line of mixers with new features.‎
A patented technique allows you to turn on and stop the water supply by simply touching the mixer.‎
A soft contact with the back of the hand, the forearm, the elbow or any other skin part, makes it possible to use the tap, opening and closing the water to your liking.‎
Every day we have wet hands, oily, with remnants of dough from cooking or gardening or dishwashing soap or many other examples.‎
In various situations we must necessarily touch the handle of a normal mixer to rinse our hands and doing that, the tap gets dirty and we immediately must clean and polish it for hygiene reasons.‎
Remer Rubinetterie decided to give this new comfort to the kitchen, where faucets are frequently used and in which it is essential to reduce the presence of germs and bacteria.‎
For this reason, Remer has integrated the TOUCH-ME technology on high-range sink mixers, completing the elegance of design and the quality of the product with this important additional feature.‎

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