Acoustic fabric office booth

Acoustic fabric office booth

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Acoustic fabric office booth


Fabric, Tempered Glass



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Collaborative Room S
A compact freestanding box that is ideal for hosting minimeetings (with a fl oor area of 2.‎2 to 2.‎8 square meters).‎ The interior space of this version is designed to accommodate up to 3 people and can be equipped with an suspended worktop or with a small table (centrally positioned or in a corner position).‎

In a modern open-space work environments, created to encourage communication and sharing, reverberation and external noise could negatively affect work performance.‎ For this reason it is essential to create acoustically isolated working areas for employees.‎ Collaborative Room is a "shelter" created to isolate people from external noise, enhancing concentration and fostering privacy.‎ "A place where smart-workers can take refuge, activating a protected and reserved working area".‎ The vertical walls can be closed on three or four sides and joined horizontally to form a roof.‎ Collaborative Room can be designed with different levels of privacy, using clear or frosted glass or coveredwith fabric or laminate.‎ Inside the module is illuminated and features air recycle system and electrification: an ideal solution to create modular islands for individual work, phone calling or meetings.‎

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