Acoustic phone booth

Acoustic phone booth

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Acoustic phone booth


Fabric, Powder Coated Aluminium

Manufacture year

Acoustic PHONE BOOTH for workplace.‎

Reverberation and background noise are negative factors that affect productivity at work as well as people’s well-being.‎ The inner walls and ceiling are made of Parallel Fabrics, acoustic wood and foam, which ensures excellent reverb reduction, creating an environment with pleasant acoustics as well as great aesthetics.‎

-  Fire retardant M1
- Anti-memory acoustic foam
-  Easy clean material
-  Odor free and Antimicrobial

The glass is laminated, you can choose single 6mm or acoustic glass 5+5 mm.‎ Laboratory tests on double-glazed glass walls show noise reduction of up to 42 dB.‎

Acoustic Room is fitted with an air recirculation system and an interior lighting system, built into the ceiling.‎ A programming movement sensor controls the system (PIR).‎

- Airflow at free discharge 300 m3/h
- Back draft shutter To prevent air entry and limit heat leakage when the extractor is not operating.‎ It opens due to the pressure of the air.‎

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