Acoustic wall panel

Acoustic wall panel

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Gaber® Acoustic Systems


Acoustic wall panel




Marc Sadler

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"Fono"  sound-absorbing panels, designed by Marc Sadler, are the Gaber® answer to the demands of customization, design and decoration of public and private environments.‎ 
"Fono" is an innovative acoustic system that re-interprets the concept of modularity and customization: the individual panels can be assembled together to create endless decorative compositions, thus providing maximum creative freedom.‎ 
Shapes, Colours and Materials: all can be customized.‎

Gaber® Acoustic Systems is a contemporary collection of acoustic panels and sound absorbent lighting systems.‎ The collection is the favourite choice of numerous interior decorators and architects, used in private homes as well as in offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, breakout and public spaces.‎ 
Gaber® patented acoustic program was developed with the aim of combining acoustic improvement with the aesthetic of artistic designs.‎ Designed to relieve excessive reverberation, the program consists of wall panels, ceiling panels and lamps.‎ The final result is a range of products that reduce noise, but also enhances the visual experience.‎ 
Gaber® designs and produces acoustic products in different shades of colored textiles, where different pattern designs provide unique solutions in both modern and classic interiors.‎ Using different colors and assembling the panels horizontally, vertically or diagonally, you can create countless pattern combinations.‎ 

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