Acoustic wall panel

Acoustic wall panel

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BUZZIDISH | Acoustic wall panel By BuzziSpace


Acoustic wall panel


Fabric, Foam


Jeffrey Huyghe

Playful exterior, complex interior.‎ This high-performance acoustic wall and ceiling treatment marries design and function with the recognizable shape, reminiscent of a satellite dish.‎

Imagine BuzziDish as a dynamic sculpture that can transform in seconds—one moment it appears minimalistic, the next it converts into something very expressive.‎ Create your own configurations to fit any setting or interior thanks to the rotating connector attached to the back of the outside curvature.‎

BuzziDish is unique for its playful, rebellious character and distinct appearance.‎ Experiment with colors to match other furnishings, and emphasize its playful personality with the added option of customizing a bicolor design.‎ Featuring a fabric-upholstered body paired with a perforated structure and acoustic foam core interior, BuzziDish’s parabolic, concave design efficiently mitigates noise by absorbing undesired sound waves, helping to create a more pleasant and acoustically-balanced space in open-plan environments.‎

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