Acoustic wall panel

Acoustic wall panel

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BUZZIKEY SOFT | Acoustic wall panel By BuzziSpace


Acoustic wall panel


Fabric, Foam

Turn down the noise, and replace it with a sweet melody.‎ The sound-absorbing features of BUZZIKEY SOFT ensure an acoustic well-balanced space that is never out of tune! The soft exterior and chamfered edges create an intriguing blend of contrasts that help break the hard surfaces and lines of a space.‎ BuzziKey Soft lightens and softens walls all while upholding a sense of familiarity with the classic acoustic panel.‎ It’s back to basics, yet attuned to modern spaces and interiors alike.‎

Play with perspectives and add depth of field with different models and choose your favorite color combinations for a distinctive look.‎ When placed against a wall, BuzziKey Soft has the appearance of a piece of art.‎ Combine with BuzziTab Soft for a surprising effect!

The extraordinary noise-absorbing capabilities of the foam, with its density and porosity, makes this solution an acoustic must-have, as it works on all sound frequencies.‎ When placed against a wall, BuzziKey Soft has the appearance of a piece of art while fully maintaining its original purpose: to absorb sound and mitigate noise in any space.‎

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