Acoustic wall panel

Acoustic wall panel

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Acoustic wall panel


Solid Wood

With its striking angled surface, the two-dimensional diffuser MULTIFUSER WOOD MKII is based on a QRD sequence combined with changing reflection techniques (a result of the angled surface).‎ The panel itself is made in two parts.‎ Each part can be rotated in different directions so that a uniform, omni-directional scattering of sound is achieved, with particularly effective diffusion of mid and low frequencies.‎ Multifuser Wood 64 works between 310Hz and 8kHz and Multifuser Wood 36 works between 470Hz and 10kHz.‎ As well as its acoustic efficiency, the panel’s attractive appearance makes it suitable for use in a range of settings.‎

Available in Light Brown, Black, White and two new colours: Metallic Copper and Metallic Gold.‎

Scratch Resistance: N/A
Washable: N/A
Functionality: Diffusion
Absorption Frequency Range: N/A
Fire Rate: Euroclass E
Accessories: VicFix J Profile (included)

Made from solid wood, the MULTIFUSER collection is perfect for use in venues such as concert halls, hi-fi rooms and recording studios, where effective diffusion is often required, without too much absorption occurring at the same time.‎

Further info from manufacturer on MULTIFUSER WOOD MKII Vicoustic

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