Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles

Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles

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BAUX Acoustic Tiles


Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles




Form Us With Love

580 x 580 mm, 25 mm thick 2.‎97 tiles per m2
290 x 290 mm, 25 mm thick 11.‎9 tiles per m2

Wood wool is a functional, natural material.‎
BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool is made from two of the world’s oldest building materials, wood and cement.‎
The combination is simple and ingenious.‎ Wood fibre offers excellent insulation, heat retention and sound absorption.‎ Cement, a proven and popular building material, is the binder that provides strength, moisture resistance and fire protection.‎ Therefore, BAUX Acoustic products are versatile and durable in all climates.‎
— Sound absorption
— Thermal insulation
— Fire resistant
— Wet and dry rot resistant
— Freeze-thaw resistant
— Termite and vermin resistant
BAUX Acoustic products meet contemporary expectations of architects and designers with a canny combination of form and function.‎ They can be combined to create remarkable structural patterns that rejuvenate residential, industrial and public spaces.‎
Designed by the renowned Swedish design studio, Form Us With Love, BAUX Acoustic Tiles and Panels are available in five colour sets and a range of beautiful patterns.‎ Designers and architects can personalize any installation with endless creative possibilities.‎
BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool products store ambient heat and release it when the air temperature falls.‎ This contributes to lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact and stable indoor climates.‎ BAUX Acoustic products are rot resistant.‎ 

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