Decorated satin glass

Decorated satin glass

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MADRAS® MILLERIGHE By Vitrealspecchi


Madras® Geometries


Decorated satin glass


Decorated glass, Satin Glass

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MADRAS® MILLERIGHE One side of the plate is chemically and permanently etched so that it partially screens vision whilst allowing light through.‎ Brilliant satin finish texture, matte satin finish background very slightly in relief.‎  Good fingerprint resistance.‎

Madras®, the first satin finished glass of the glass industry, rethinks the concept of satin finish by breaking out of the material's anonymous uniformity with dynamic mini-patterns - dots, lines, dashes -  racing across the glass.‎ The minimalist look is intentional, an unobtrusive accompaniment to the essential lines of contemporary doors and windows.‎ The base satin-finish - silky to the touch and easy to clean - emanates a beautifully soft lustre.‎ Etching is accurate.‎ Unmistakeably Madras®.‎

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