Glass office partition

Glass office partition

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WATS By Archiutti


Glass office partition



WATS: Wall Transparency Systems.‎ An acronym for a different way of conceiving the indoor space subdivision, Wats single glass-pane wall gathers those features of transparency, brightness and refinement which characterized it as a unique and functional system.‎
An all-rounded view: the crystalline transparency of the Wats partition system allows to maintain a constant visual contact with the surrounding environment.‎
Aluminium extruded section on the ceiling and on the floor, stratified glass-panes and vertical transparent polycarbonate joints are Wats structural elements, which allow to set up environments with  transparency and brightness, in a solution of continuity.‎
Perfect integration with existing elements:
Wats integrates itself with any type of building structure, reducing to a minimum all the installation difficulty.‎
A double regulation in correspondence to the upper profile and a single one in correspondence to the lower one, allows to absorb the irregularities of the built-up structures making the installation easier  even in already-existing buildings.‎
The Wats system is not limited to being an element of partition of indoor spaces, but, it can also integrate itself with filing systems, such as full-eight libraries or low-height furniture, in order to make even more rational the space organization.‎

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