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Office booth

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Office booth





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Giving your ideas space to take shape.‎
- Further design elements to add more variety to the series
- Panel with 60° angled construction forming the basis of the design
- Larger tables for use as a full workstation, either in the form of a single workstation or a combination of three
- Also available as an almost closed-off unit with a stylish built-in side table, offering levels of comfort almost on a par with a private office
- Accessories such as whiteboards, clothes hooks and electrical connection options for the perfect finishing touches to the series
Versatile products ideal for open-plan offices, dedicated zones in libraries, business lounges in hotels and so much more
60° has never been so cool.‎ Thanks to its intelligent design, the cellular system is just as extensive as its applications.‎ The cells can be arranged flexibly, creating a suitable working environment for everyone.‎
Now, you no longer need to think about going home when you think about your couch.‎ With matching sofas, these cellular modules are even more versatile.‎ Either as a comfortable work space or relaxed waiting area – this seating arrangement simply works beautifully.‎

CELLULAR is redefining the way we work: it’s modular, combinable and just wonderful.‎ The well-thought-out design makes it easier to concentrate.‎ Or to cooperate.‎ First think, then talk.‎
Or the other way around.‎ Or both at once.‎ Welcome to the smallest openplan office in the world.‎
The new CELLULAR fits into any location – and can even grow to meet new challenges if needed, as the amazing feature of these modular working cells is their versatility.‎ Beginning with the broad range of colours, which offer interior designers a great many creative possibilities, the modules can be either deployed to create a private sphere in a large area or provide a space for lively conversation.‎ They are both a place to retreat and concentrate and a starting point for communicative interaction.‎ This versatility also has an impact on the surroundings.‎
Whether open working areas, lounge and waiting areas, or even libraries – they all benefit from using these intelligently designed modules.‎ The 60° angle of the modules makes it easy to flexibly arrange the cells to suit changing requirements, transforming empty spaces into accomplished interior design.‎
The CELLULAR system is as versatile as the range of its applications and the bandwidth of its modules – from workspace to relaxed waiting area.‎ Whether for one, two or more people – for peace and quiet or for dialogue.‎ The intelligent design provides a broad range of options between standing and sitting.‎

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