PaperStone® sink

PaperStone® sink

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PaperStone® sink By PaperStone®




PaperStone® sink



PaperStone® is the first composite material to be made from 100% FSC® certified recycled* paper and cardboard impregnated with a phenolic resin called PetroFreeTM.‎ This is obtained mainly through the ‘pressing’ of cashew nut shells and therefore does not contain petrol-derived chemical compounds.‎
Its beauty is unique, its functionality and reliability represent a true eco-friendly alternative to traditional ‘solid surfaces’.‎
Natural pigments used in production, in place of chemical colourants, offer greater resistance to UV light, stable colours and a homogeneous colour throughout the density of the panel.‎#
PaperStone® complies with the toughest standards for the environment and holds Forest Stewardship Council®** certification in regard to the Rainforest Alliance® Smartwood Program*** program.‎
To bring out the beauty of PaperStone® in horizontal applications such as kitchen worktops and bathroom surfaces, we recommend applying a protective coating of Osmo® Top Oil to the surface.‎
PaperStone® surfaces have a long life-span and is recommended for use in domestic kitchens and bathrooms, as well as being ideal for use in numerous commercial applications.‎ It is also a suitable surface for use in the catering sector with CE1935 and NSF® certifications making ideal for surfaces that come into contact with food.‎

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