Polyester fibre acoustic baffles

Polyester fibre acoustic baffles

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Polyester fibre acoustic baffles


Polyester fibre

ECOstrong BAFFLE is a polyester fibre acoustic baffles

ECOstrong is a sound absorbing thermoformed panel, but not only.‎ In fact, this product allows for punctual deliveries but also for creating systems.‎
With the same panel, wall and ceiling corrective actions can be implemented, thanks to the distribution of panels applied with suction cups, magnets or cables, or created self-supporting self-supporting, practical and colorful totems.‎
But in case of openspace? ECOstrong becomes an element of a modular system that allows you to create workstations and separators that are 3D-looking, pleasing to the eye and highly performing.‎ ECOstrong, like all ECOline panels, is extremely lightweight and suitable for any type of environment where acoustic comfort is desired.‎
ECOstrong is a versatile tool for the designer, who wants to give life to his own design in freedom, guaranteeing a comfortable sound effect.‎

Acoustic Test: Uni En Iso 354:2003 | Uni En Iso 11654:1998
Fire Certificate: B-s2, d0

Applications: Wall, Totem, Freestanding, Desk, Ceiling, Baffle
Finishes and colors: Trevira CS, ECOfelt, PETfelt, TWEED

ECOrange is a collection of thermobonded panels, with variable density, which arise from an engineered process.‎
Lightweight, high performance and single material, the panels of this collection offer many options, size, shape and finish.‎

Further info from manufacturer on ECOSTRONG BAFFLE Slalom

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