Polypropylene Partition wall

Polypropylene Partition wall

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U-CUBE | Partition wall By Movisi


Polypropylene Partition wall


Polypropylene (PP)


Marine Peyre, Trickform

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U-CUBE is a modular furniture system that allows users endless configurations and the possibility to easily alter an interior according to changing needs.‎
You can grow your configuration endlessly in all directions and rearrange it anytime.‎

Comprising of one U-shaped component with modular connectors, this unique Parisian design allows for you to constructand reshape a variety of shapes and sizes to create the perfect interior.‎ Whether it be wall / stacked shelving, partitioning or seating you need, U-CUBE can be connected to accommodate for all.‎

Incredibly light weight, effortless to install and can be reconfigured as you wish, you can give your home or office a new look or in minutes.‎ No tools needed.‎

can be used in endless configurations.‎ Here are a few ways you can use U-CUBE:
- wall mounted shelves
- modular bookcase and shelves
- vinyl storage (up to 120 vinyls fir in one cube)
- seating
- room divider
- low table, desk or work top

Sustainable and friendly for your home or office:
U-CUBE embraces the lightweight, multifunctional, organic design language that Movisi pioneered, utilising only one single material to make the product: ARPRO EPP, a 100% recyclable plastic foam, which is toxic free, emission free and extremely light in weight.‎

Modular and multifunctional: U-CUBE units are joined by modular connectors – this element allows for you to reshape and join multiple U-CUBE units to create a range of stylish and creative designs to match your requirement.‎
From single depth (191 mm, perfect for books, CDs, DVDs and artefacts) to double or multiple depth (2 units or more behind each other, perfect for bigger books, vinyl records or as seating or bench).‎

Manufactured in Germany and designed in Paris by Marine Peyre in collaboration with Trickform.‎

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