Sectional fabric leisure sofa

Sectional fabric leisure sofa

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MAJI SISTEMA 6 By Adrenalina




Sectional fabric leisure sofa




Setsu & Shinobu Ito

Manufacture year

Maji is an original modular system for office spaces or waiting areas, versatile and adaptable to any setting.‎ It consists of a padded wall, which can be endlessly modulated, and it can wrap, as a protective shell, the most diverse elements, such as chairs, sofas, shelves, hangers.‎ The name - Maji - comes from Japanese, and means "Really?", an exclamation of surprise and amazement, as if it stirred questions such as "Can you actually sit in that shell? Can you really combine so many elements together?"
Materials: wall with metal frame, coupled with foam covered with colored fabric, and with metal feet; armchairs and chairs made of foam covered with fire-retardant felt; tables and shelves in natural or lacquered wood.‎

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