Acoustic meeting pod

Acoustic meeting pod

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FRAMERY 2Q By Framery


Framery 2Q


Acoustic meeting pod


Felt, Coated Foam, Plywood

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Designed to accommodate four-to-six people, Framery 2Q provides users with a multifunctional workplace that offers a heightened sense of privacy and comfort.‎ The pod serves as a space to brainstorm and collaborate, and its superior sound installation system ensures team huddles won’t disturb the rest of the office.‎ Framery 2Q is available in three furnishing configurations and can come equipped with a conference table with two height options, optimal for laptop use or workshopping.‎ Clients can also choose the pod without any furniture, giving them the option to furnish it however they wish.‎ A third interior furnishing option is a custom L-shaped sofa.‎ The sofa creates a more casual environment for company meetings, a calm space to retreat to during the work day, or an area for socializing.‎ Clients can further increase the pod’s functionality by attaching a display screen on the wall opposite the sofa.‎ Additional options include two whiteboards and lightweight free-standing, floating tables to make a more ergonomic work space.‎

High quality materials and finishes make the acoustic pod a sleek, yet inviting focal point in the office.‎ The array of possible color combinations provide clients with the ability to match the product with their existing interior aesthetic and align with company branding.‎ More traditional office spaces can choose an all-black or all-white color combination, or mix white frames with a brushed stainless steel exterior.‎ Whereas companies with more creative work cultures can choose from the plethora of vibrant color options such as piglet pink and 50s blue.‎ The Framery 2Q color palette can even influence and impact the way in which the users work, and Framery is cognisant of this, encouraging users to think about what kind of colors and components will help them be most effective.‎

Framery strives to make the most environmentally and climate-responsible choices to benefit society, and the manufacturing of Framery 2Q was no exception.‎ The pod is made of environmentally efficient birch plywood, which is a renewable material.‎ The acoustic foam and the interior felt used are up to 60 to 70 percent recycled materials.‎ In addition, a significant part of all steel, aluminum and glass has been recycled during their manufacturing processes.‎ Framery uses specially designed, automatically adjusting LED lamps and ventilation systems.‎ This lowers the overall electrical usage of the acoustic pod a significant amount, adding to an office’s cost savings.‎

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