Meeting pod

Meeting pod

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BuzziJungle By BuzziSpace


Meeting pod


Jonas Van Put

Manufacture year

Vertical conversation tower
Inspired by nature, BuzziJungle offers a solution to the conventional meeting space.‎ The launch of the BuzziJungle introduced the design world to young Belgian talent Jonas Van Put.‎ This is Van Put’s first project with a major international manufacturer.‎ BuzziJungle is BuzziSpace’s reflection of their vision for the social office and further pushing the traditional boundaries of the workplace.‎ 

Various elements within the structure provide an opportunity for different interactions within the “jungle”.‎ You can climb, lounge and meet in the elevated work-lounge space made from powder coated steel.‎ The BuzziJungle creates an urban footprint in large and small spaces.‎

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