Acoustic multimedia office booth

Acoustic multimedia office booth

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Silent Cube


Acoustic multimedia office booth



Furniko’s Silent Cube acoustic rooms offer many possibilities of use.‎ There are three main groups of acoustic rooms offering different functions:
- Phone Booth – designed for phone calls, video conferences or short working sessions.‎  Inside space of 100 x 100 cm is larger than in most phone booths available on the market and allows to use ergonomic chair inside for extra comfort.‎ Phone Booth modules are equipped as standard with power and media solutions and a height regulated desktop to switch for sitting or standing position.‎  
- Meeting Pod – designed to host meetings of 4 or 6 people.‎ Meeting pods are equipped as standard with power and media solutions and can additionally fitted with TV units or monitors for comfortable presentations and video conferences.‎
- Focus Room – designed for working sessions which require concentration.‎ A large glass wall helps to get daylight into the booth and upholstered wall panels ensure perfect sound proofing to make focused work sessions as comfortable as possible.‎ Large space inside can be fitted with height adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs for extra comfort.‎ We recommend desks which are 140 cm wide from our Lift, Pluris, Tundra or P-Square/P-Round collections.‎ Focus room modules are equipped as standard with power and media solutions.‎

Further info from manufacturer on FOCUS ROOM FURNIKO

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