Acoustic office booth

Acoustic office booth

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Acoustic office booth


Fabric, Glass

hushMeet.‎Open was designed for informal office meetings.‎ The semi-open form ensures accessibility, while the couches are exceptionally comfortable.‎ hushMeet.‎Open supports creativity and an openness to new ideas.‎
The product is also available in an “S” version created for meetings between two people.‎

The Hush collection of acoustic booths has been designed to challenge the traditional workspace environment and unlock it’s potential, to create an environment that works for your own individual needs.‎ The Hush collection of booths provide well designed, high quality, stylish and flexible solutions, each designed to fulfill a different requirement in the workspace.‎ The hush pod collection is manufactured by Mikomax Smart Office, who boasts a 27-year history of office furniture manufacturing in Europe.‎

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