Acoustic office booth with built-in lights

Acoustic office booth with built-in lights

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CUBE 4.0 By Bosse


Human Space


Acoustic office booth with built-in lights




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Cube 4.‎0 is an office island with independent and flexible installation.‎ It is made on all sides with composite safety glass and acoustic film.‎ The ceiling is acoustic (class A sound absorption) with integrated lighting.‎

The world of work is changing fast: globalization and digitalization demand increasing flexibility from companies and their employees.‎
New working concepts such as the home office, co-working, and shared spaces are becoming increasingly common.‎ The increasing importance of creative knowledge-based work also means that for companies the creation of optimal performance spaces is an economic factor of enormous importance.‎ These changes mean new challenges for the spaces in which we work.‎ These, too, have to adapt flexibly to changing requirements, change their position, and transform their appearance.‎ At the same time the factors of cost, efficiency and sustainability must not be lost sight of.‎ The new generation of the Bosse human space meets all these requirements.‎
It is not only the answer to the challenges of the modern world of work, but also meets the highest aesthetic requirements with its timeless, minimalist design.‎

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