Acoustic phone booth with built-in lights

Acoustic phone booth with built-in lights

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Acoustic phone booth with built-in lights




Dymitr Malcew

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Quiet zones in demanding and buzzing office spaces – the Hana acoustic pods work well in even the most dynamic environment.‎ Their modular structure and ergonomic form of a phone booth offer a variety of possible arrangements meeting diverse needs – a place for phone calls or individual focused work.‎ This arrangement can be easily modified.‎ Inspired by triangular flower leaves, its characteristic shape completes the look of a contemporary office highlighting the interior design and improving employees’ creativity.‎ With an automatic lighting, quiet fans and transparent ceiling ensuring the light comes from the outside, the Hana booths provide comfort to their users.‎ Sound absorbing material that’s used on the inside as well as outside walls improves not only acoustics of the pod itself, but also of the whole office environment.‎

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