Acoustic wall-mounted fabric phone booth

Acoustic wall-mounted fabric phone booth

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LAPSO By Sancal


Acoustic wall-mounted fabric phone booth




Marc Venot, Antoine Lesur

Manufacture year

Difficult to explain but easy to understand once you try it, Lapso is a new addition to Sancal’s catalogue.‎ Lesur & Venot’s creation was recognised with an Hermès award for the Best Author design in 2014.‎ Years later, Sancal rescued this unique vertical hammock, ideal for crowded public spaces, enabling individuals to lean back for a moment’s privacy.‎ “Like a private alcove which provides shelter for a quiet time for yourself”, explains Marc.‎
This slender and quiet upholstery furniture is fixed to the wall just like a piece of art.‎ Once immersed in this "painting" you can enjoy a peaceful moment.‎
The “hood” contributes to improve acoustics thanks to its curved upholstered panels.‎ The shape reflects sound back to the person making a call, causing them to natrually lower their voice, while the padded upholstery helps to dampen the room’s reverberation.‎
Improving acoustics in public spaces is undoubtedly an important function.‎ However, Lapso verticality adds one more unique feature, a new type of comfort for a short break in bustling environments, during a trip or reflect quietly in the middle of an office, where everything goes very quickly.‎ As a “not disturb” signal, Lapso communicates that “you are on a parenthesis”.‎
The wide range of textiles with acoustic properties for the hood can be freely combined with 5 mesh colours, although we recommend the combinations curated by the designers.‎

- Fixed fabric.‎
- Upholstered structure: perforated multi-frequency pressed laminate covered in CMHR 30kg foam and H100g fibre.‎
- Metal structure: F1 steel lacquered in the same colour as the selected mesh.‎
- Mesh: available in choice of 5 colours (black, grey, red, yellow or blue).‎ Fire retardant; EN1021-1/2 and TB-117.‎
- Wall fixture: F1 steel.‎

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