Built-in stainless steel sink

Built-in stainless steel sink

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MIZU 1LMZ51 By Barazza


Mizu Kasai


Built-in stainless steel sink


Stainless Steel

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MIZU is a built-in stainless steel sink.‎ 1 bowl with lowering.‎
The minimal design of the Mizu sinks with radius “0” makes them particularly suitable for kitchens with a strong hi-tech aesthetic.‎
The innovative Smart pop-up plug, with its flat, minimal design, allows you to open and close the drain in one quick movement.‎
The stainless steel sliding cover adds the finishing touch to the Mizu sinks with reversible drainer, enabling you to close the sink bowl so it becomes a single surface, giving the worktop a feeling of cleanliness and continuity.‎
The Mizu sinks in extra thick stainless steel can be clad in the same material as the finish on the top (with a thickness of 6 – 20 mm).‎ A special kit containing Teflon guides, rubber pads and a primer, is available for sinks to be clad in the Total and Plan versions, or combinations of the two.‎

• perimeter frame h 40 mm in 4 mm-thick stainless steel
• extra thick AISI 304 stainless steel
• bowl with radius “0 ”with lowering
• bowl size: 49x42x17.‎2 h l
• equipment: 3½” stainless steel basket strainer waste, Smart pop-up plug, stainless steel drain cover, perimeter overflow
• tap hole: 3 standard holes
• base unit for bowl: 60/ 60 cm
• cut out: 51x51 cm

Built-in 40 mm edge (IMK)

MIZU KASAI, where water meets fire.‎
Mizu and Kasai, “water” and “fire”
in Japanese, are given a touch of Italian creativity to become sinks and hobs, two elements of a collection inspired by strict rules and clean lines.‎
Cutting-edge design reflects new aesthetic
and functional needs: the sinks in the Mizu Kasai collection have been awarded the prestigious Good Design Award by The Chicago Athenaeum, which included them on the shortlist of design products that stood out for their quality and innovation.‎ The Kasai hobs match the sinks to perfection, they are the same size and have a matching steel frame around them, creating an overall harmonious impact.‎

Further info from manufacturer on MIZU 1LMZ51 Barazza

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