Countertop marble sink

Countertop marble sink

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AUGE Sarrancolin By Objets Architecturaux




Countertop marble sink





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A natural honed stone basins collection to daily experience the relation between stone and water.‎
Simple forms, refined lines sculpted in a single block.‎
Light reflections, the sound of water.‎

Our washbasins, sinks and tops are now available in Sarrancolin Versailles marble, a rare natural material.‎
Elegant silky grey with white, orange and red veins.‎
Traces of life, sea shells and alluvium, metamorphism and crystallization bear witness of the intense activity of the
Each piece is unique, linked to the natural landscape which it originates, the moutains, the forests, the streams.‎
Sarrancolin marble is indissociable from the french architectural heritage : Castel of Versailles, the Garnier Opera.‎
We reuse this historical material in a contemporary way.‎

AUGE - Each basin is carved in a block of solid marble.‎

The velvety grain, the smoothness of the finish responds to the density of the object.‎ Matter is Matt, natural.‎
The flow of the trough and the tank exists in two diameters: Ø115mm for the kitchen and Ø65mm for the bath.‎

Grigio Carnico
Sarrancolin Marble

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