Built-in stainless steel sink with drainer

Built-in stainless steel sink with drainer

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RAGGIO 12 | Sink with drainer By ALPES-INOX


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Built-in stainless steel sink with drainer


Stainless Steel

Materials and Characteristics
The bowls and their components are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with silver satin finish
Control knob for opening/closing the plug on the kitchen top for bowls 45 cm deep, or incorporated in the bowl for bowls 51 cm deep
Drain unit inclusive of plug, filter and overflow
Heat-sound insulation at the base

Accessories available on request
Polyethylene chopping boards, stainless steel baskets, perforated stainless steel basin, taps, waste sorting unit

Fifty years of activity and the18th Compasso These are the prestigious credentials that distinguish Alpes as a leading manufacturer in the kitchen industry.‎ Neither the chimera of fashion, nor an all-too-easy search to perfect the technical and formal logic utilization, constitutes the Alpes “credo” that interprets kitchens as “durable goods”.‎ Ergonomics, safety, functionality and energy savings are ensured by the use of a single superior quality material: 19/10 nickel chrome stainless steel.‎ Basins and sinks with corners featuring a 12 mm radius and vertical walls, offer greater capacity and functionality.‎ Surface-mounted sinks that make it possible  a complete and organized food preparation area, where even differentiated waste disposal offers an entire range of solutions to choose from.‎ burners.‎ With the introduction of the Dual kw 4.‎50 triple crown, both the single-serving espresso maker and the large cookpot now have a stable position, adding to the ample consolidated range of elements.‎ Induction cooking completes the range.‎ The cast-iron grilles are now available on several models of cook-tops.‎ In the ovens, the chamber capacity has now increased to up to 104 liters, with tracks that slide out completely, a stainless steel These new features enhance the performance  of the traditional and special Alpes cooking systems, from steam-cooking to the electric grill, from the gas or electric barbecue to the fryer, and help organize the kitchen to

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