Crystal operable wall

Crystal operable wall

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KRISTAL By Estfeller Pareti


Crystal operable wall



The operable glass walls Estfeller are a new way to divide space with elegance and transparency while respecting the architectural environment in which they are inserted.‎ They are composed of several single elements in crystal, which run along a guide fixed to the ceiling and are assembled one after another until the the entire wall.‎ Is completed not provided with any guidance on the floor, except in the automatic version, the handling of the elements is simple, fast and safe.‎ The advantage of a sliding glass wall Estfeller is essentially to occupy reduced space when it is stored, and when the wall is complete with all its elements.‎ In the wall you can insert single or double doors for passage.‎

The mobile glass walls SERIES KRISTAL are ideal for dividing spaces with maximum light-weight design.‎ The wall is composed of several elements in crystal with horizontal upper and lower profiles thus creating a uniform surface and transparency.‎ The storing of elements is near two doors of passage speeding up the time of opening and closing of the wall.‎

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