Glass office partition

Glass office partition

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WEST By Archiutti


Glass office partition



WEST, stands for European wall system, is an instrument of division and interpersonal communication with the aesthetic qualities of a refined and discreet furniture that helps building an image of environmental comfort and design.‎
The wall height can be between cm.‎ 230 and cm.‎ 346 while the lower base ensures the use of the wall in any environment and the use of different kinds of finishes for the panels.‎ The top socket allows you to create a recessed gap between the wall and the ceiling which accentuates the characters of continuity of the ceiling itself.‎
The WEST  partition  wall is composed of a supporting structure formed by upper and lower horizontal guides made of steel painted with epoxy powder, "U" profiled and by the glazing modules, placed at the outer edge of the wall, or by blind panels with a thickness of mm.‎ 18.‎ The sliding or swing door module allows a double reversibility of the door.‎

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