Wooden office partition

Wooden office partition

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WALL SYSTEM | Wooden movable wall By Manerba


Wall System


Wooden office partition



Wallsystem is a system of wooden partition walls with metal profiles.‎

Wallsystem is the new system of mobile interior partitions which divides areas using colour, combining walls and furnishings, architectural envelopes and contents.‎ Linesof colour enliven and renew offices, not anonymous glass cubes, but surfaces which separate settings with style, bringing them to life.‎ Quality, flexibility and customisation are the essence of Wallsystem.‎
Manerba promotes new languages in the workplace, enhancing the personality of the individual.‎

Manerba Industry is an industrial reality, able to face business and contract projects on a large scale.‎ With the same intelligence which is inherent in tailor made projects, Manerba accomplishes office layout and furniture supplies of large dimensions.‎

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