Acoustic fabric phone booth

Acoustic fabric phone booth

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Acoustic fabric phone booth




Jorge Pensi

Phone Booth, an innovative "telephone box" that can be fixed to the wall in order to create a space used for telephone or skype calls, granting privacy and silence.‎
Thanks to the particular morphology, able to dampen the reverberation of sound waves, Phone Booth contributes to the overall acoustic comfort inside the environment in which it is installed.‎
Its use is possible in different contexts: from the open space office, to the common areas, and to all those places - of work and not only - where it is necessary a space where you can phone in conditions of privacy, and without disturbing others people.‎
The structure is made of multilayer wood panels.‎ The elements that compose it are individually coated.‎
The entire range of colors of Estel "Sprint" fabrics is available for the upholstery.‎ The internal writing plan is made of melamine covered with black eco-leather.‎
This product is supplied in a practical assembly kit and can be easily assembled by the end user.‎
Phone Booth is available with a circular or square front panel.‎

Further info from manufacturer on KITE PHONE BOOTH ESTEL GROUP

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