Acoustic felt office booth

Acoustic felt office booth

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CAP By True Design




Acoustic felt office booth




Luciano Dell'Orefice

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Pincette CAP defines the reading and relaxing space; it allows to install up to a pair of armchairs under its cover.‎ The bended polyester surface gives a nice and smooth ambience for the user and softens the noises coming from the outside environment.‎ In big open spaces it can be used as a sun shade when the light is too strong and direct.‎ For darker environments it can also be equipped with an integrated LED light.‎

Thermoformed polyester fiber sheet with two layers of fabric, clamped inside a solid wood structure placed on a raw cement pedestal.‎

Pincettes is a set of open dividers that offers many ways to isolate without encasing the users, respecting their habits when it's break time.‎
The construction logic is very simple and is designed to create small islands of peace within the work environment, where you can rest, read, chat or take a break in privacy.‎ The module is composed by a thermoformed polyester fiber bearing with two layers of fabric, clamped inside a solid wood structure mounted on a pedestal of raw concrete.‎ Pincettes, conceived as a design partition with acoustic purpose, easily adapts to any type of space, thanks also to the different conformations and the possible chromatic variables.‎

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