Acoustic indoor recycled plastic wall tiles

Acoustic indoor recycled plastic wall tiles

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Acoustic indoor recycled plastic wall tiles


Recycled plastic

We had to pay tribute to our blue planet with a collection of sea- and sky-inspired hues.‎ As our air and water quality are increasingly under threat, the appeal of nature’s blues becomes stronger.‎
With the power to calm or energise, the lure of the open water and endless skies is precious and eternal.‎
From frozen glaciers to ever changing skies and vast oceans, this collection connects on an elemental level with the three states of water.‎
These blues work perfectly both as familiar single hues and in effortless tonal layers to create an immersive environment for focus or restoration.‎

ARCHISONIC® is a high-performance acoustic absorber made from up-cycled plastic bottles.‎ Out of 25 carefully curated colours, we created 8 ARCHISONIC® Colour Families as a tool for architects and designers for any project.‎ Our material is available in 12 mm and 24 mm thicknesses.‎ The complete collection is LEED Accredited and Cradle to Cradle Certified and it offers the design community limitless possibilities to address acoustical challenges in projects.‎

Further info from manufacturer on ELEMENTAL BLUES IMPACT ACOUSTIC®

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