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Office booth

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PARKOUR DINER By werner works




Office booth





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The parkour product line re-interprets the cupboard interior.‎ The varied range of uses is based predominantly on a unique design concept: Like a parkour, the design follows the possible movement sequences in the office and develops its form from this.‎ The fixed, rigid object is replaced by flexible, usable forms, whose design is generated from movement.‎ Human proportions describe the figure – the new booths are modulated accordingly.‎

The office, with its specific requirements, will be enriched by innovative experiences in day-to-day work with the new booths.‎ The cupboard booths parkour have been developed for various forms of communication in the office.‎ They offer space for concentrated work, for undisturbed phone calls or discussions with another colleague, for a short coffee break for two, as a lounge for relaxation, or as a spontaneous meeting zone for project work.‎

With heights and depths corresponding to the range of cupboards from werner works, the cupboard booths become a central reference point in the office when combined with our ‘lockers’ or cloakroom cupboards.‎ The back of the booths can also be activated.‎ As a whiteboard, magnetic surface or pinboard, the finished back panel becomes an action surface.‎

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